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Cascades (Portland-Eugene)

Service Alert

Effective Monday, December 11, 2023, we will be making major changes to the northbound schedule to coincide with the recently announced new Amtrak Cascades train schedule. There will also be a few small changes to the southbound schedule. Our new schedule will help us make connections with all of our NorthWest Route buses in Portland as well as the new trains. The new schedule is below. Passengers who have already purchased a ticket should contact Amtrak if you need to change your itinerary.

Table showing the bus schedules for routes between Portland and Eugene, both southbound and northbound, effective December 11

Cascades (Portland-Eugene)

Service Alert

Effective this Friday, July 1, we will be making schedule changes to the Cascades Route. Please review the new schedule below and note the changes in red.

Through recent public outreach surveys, you told us that something you would like to see is fewer stops and faster travel times. We heard you! With this schedule change we will be adding two new buses that will operate as express runs between Portland and Eugene through the summer and possibly longer.

This change also adds back two daily runs that were suspended during the pandemic, bringing us almost back to pre-pandemic levels!

POINT always prioritizes connections with other services and builds its schedules to maximize the number of connections at every stop. Please check out all the options available by using the Connections & Parking tool on the Cascades page.

Poster announcing a new express bus service starting July 1 by POINT, featuring a stylized image of a bus.