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NorthWest (Portland-Astoria)

News Alert

Effective May 1, 2024, we will be making minor schedule changes to the NorthWest Route. These changes will help ensure buses get to their stops on time with fewer delays. Passengers let us know how important these things are on our 2023 rider survey. The new schedule will maintain all of our important connections to services along the coast and to Amtrak trains at Portland Union Station! View and download a PDF version of the new schedule.

Northwest bus schedule titled "POINT" effective from May 1, 2024

NorthWest (Portland-Astoria)

News Alert

Effective May 1, 2023, we will be making schedule changes to the NorthWest Route. Please review the new schedule below and note the changes in red.

These minor adjustments will help ensure buses get to their stops on time. They will also improve connections to Sunset Empire Transportation District and Tillamook County Transportation District in addition to connections with Amtrak trains at Portland Union Station.

POINT always prioritizes connections with other services and builds its schedules to maximize the number of connections at every stop. Please check out all the options available by using the Connections & Parking tool on the NorthWest page.

Bus schedule table for POINT services effective May 1, 2024, showing eastbound and westbound trips along the Oregon coast.

NorthWest (Portland-Astoria)

News Alert

We know you love the NorthWest Route, so now for the first time ever we’re offering a big discount when you ride more frequently. Live on the coast and need to get to Portland on a regular basis? Looking forward to multiple beach trips this summer but dreading the drive on Highway 26? This deal is for you!

We are now offering a 30% discount for purchasing multi-ride passes, good for 10 rides. Visit for more details on how to purchase.

NorthWest (Portland-Astoria)

Service Alert

In order to better serve our passengers and ensure they are always getting correct information when planning their trips, tickets for our NorthWest Route will no longer be available through Greyhound effective immediately.

Tickets will continue to be purchasable online, by phone, or in person through Amtrak plus from several local businesses located along the route. View all ticketing options.