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SouthWest (Klamath Falls-Brookings)

Service Alert

Wildfire repairs to U.S. 199 between the Oregon border and California coast have completed so the POINT is now able to resume normal service. As part of the return to full service, the bus bridge between POINT and JCT in the Cave Junction-Grants Pass area has been ended in order to better serve our riders and improve coordination with other services. POINT riders can now travel through the region every day without needing to transfer to another bus service. Our riders will also continue to enjoy free transfers onto JCTRVTD, and RCT at the end of their ride (just ask your driver for a free transfer slip!).

NorthWest (Portland-Astoria)

News Alert

Effective May 1, 2024, we will be making minor schedule changes to the NorthWest Route. These changes will help ensure buses get to their stops on time with fewer delays. Passengers let us know how important these things are on our 2023 rider survey. The new schedule will maintain all of our important connections to services along the coast and to Amtrak trains at Portland Union Station! View and download a PDF version of the new schedule.

Northwest bus schedule titled "POINT" effective from May 1, 2024

Cascades (Portland-Eugene)

Service Alert

Effective Monday, December 11, 2023, we will be making major changes to the northbound schedule to coincide with the recently announced new Amtrak Cascades train schedule. There will also be a few small changes to the southbound schedule. Our new schedule will help us make connections with all of our NorthWest Route buses in Portland as well as the new trains. The new schedule is below. Passengers who have already purchased a ticket should contact Amtrak if you need to change your itinerary.

Table showing the bus schedules for routes between Portland and Eugene, both southbound and northbound, effective December 11

SouthWest (Klamath Falls-Brookings)

Service Alert

10/28/23 UPDATE: Service between Brookings and Grants Pass along U.S. 199 has resumed following the announcement by Caltrans District 1 to partially reopen the highway to traffic. This resumption of service is subject to change at any time. Passengers should anticipate possible delays. The JCT bus bridge has been temporarily suspended due to expected travel delays associated with ongoing wildfire maintenance. Service to and from Brookings will extend to Grants Pass every day until further notice. Tickets may be purchased from Pacific Crest Bus Lines, FlixBus, Amtrak, and Megabus.

9/25/23 UPDATE: Due to low ridership and ongoing technical challenges with ticketing, POINT service will discontinue temporary re-routing to Coos Bay on Friday, September 29 and resume truncated service between Brookings and Gasquet in the Northern California/Southern Oregon coastal region on the same day. The truncated portion of service will operate on the normal schedule posted on the POINT website. Ongoing fire suppression and construction efforts on the Smith River Complex Fire along with accompanying rock slides have forced Caltrans to continue to severely restrict vehicle traffic on Highway 199. As a result, POINT service between Brookings and Cave Junction remains suspended indefinitely. ODOT continues to closely monitor the situation and work with its service operator to ensure some level of service can remain available to those in need of transportation in a region where it has operated since 2009.

9/11/23 UPDATE: Effective September 11, the temporary service will operate Friday through Monday only. The new schedule is below and will remain in place until further notice. No other changes at this time.

In response to the Smith River Complex fire and the prolonged closure of Highway 199 and disruption to our service, POINT will be implementing temporary changes to the SouthWest Route on Sunday, September 3 which will reorient the coastal portion of service exclusively to Highway 101 travel between Crescent City and Coos Bay. Grants Pass-Klamath Falls service will continue as normal. Brookings-Cave Junction service has been suspended indefinitely.

This new schedule will provide a new option for Crescent City-Brookings area residents to conveniently and safely access other services and communities in Oregon. Tickets are currently only available from our operator. They can be purchased on their website, over the phone, and from the driver with a debit or credit card. We are working on setting up additional ticket options. The temporary schedule will remain in place until further notice.

Eastern (Bend-Ontario)

News Alert

Effective May 1, 2023, we will be resuming Saturday-Sunday service for the Eastern Route! Weekend service was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic and has not been possible to resume due to driver shortages. Weekend service will be on the same schedule as current weekday schedules. View our Eastern Route schedules.